Tips to Succeed with Your Lawn this Spring and Summer

Happy Thursday everyone!

Even with the cold surrounding us, we can’t wait for it to get warmer and for the sun to come out more. We can’t wait to hear the birds sing in the morning because that means that spring is officially here. We love spring because, to us, the season resembles new beginnings and new hope. To see things that you thought were dead come back to life is fantastic. We love watching flowers spring up from the ground and see the grass turn green. To see nature getting all its color back is breathtaking. It is truly one of our favorite seasons.

Spring is the perfect time to start waking up your lawn from winter and giving it a little extra love before the heat of the summer kicks in. Here are a few tips to succeed with your lawn this spring and summer!

1. Spring Clean up

Winter brings a number of surprises to your lawn that are both visible and unseen that can cause damage to your lawn.  We really recommend getting a spring clean-up done once the snow melts to get your lawn on the right track for spring and summer. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Visible debris such as unraked leaves, and garbage blown out of trashcans, should be picked up immediately.  Picking up the loose debris on your lawn ensures that toxins and other unwanted minerals wont spread disease throughout your lawn.  
  • Snow mold is another visible lawn condition that can infect your lawn.  When snow lingers on the lawn for too long, especially when the large piles of snow sit for months, the grass can become infected with mold.  The best thing to do is lightly rake the area to remove the infected grass and promote some air flow.
  • Pruning damaged and dead branches on trees, bushes, and shrubs helps it distribute its nutrients to the areas that are thriving.  Removing dead plants can keep any diseases that may have killed the plant from spreading further into your lawn.

2. Aeration, Power raking, and Dethatching

Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction. 

Power raking is the process of cutting swathes into the dead material of lawns to remove dead grass so the soil can breathe, and the grass can grow more efficiently. Power raking differs from dethatching in extent. Power raking is a much more aggressive process that is primarily used on lawns that have a thatch problem. A lawn that hasn’t ever been thatched, is continually mulched when mowed, or hasn’t been thatched in recent years most likely needs to be power raked instead of dethatched. This process is done with a specific machine designed for power raking.

Dethatching is a much lighter process that maintains a lawns thatch or prevents it from having a thatch issue. This is typically done with an attachment that goes on the front of the mower as the operator mows the lawn. Dethatching should be about half the price of a power rake. Each yard is different and not all of them need to be power raked and dethatched. If you are unsure what your lawn needs or do not have a lawn care provider that knows what your lawn needs, give us a call!

Aerating, power raking and/or dethatching during the spring months when there is active growth helps your lawn recover more quickly and strengthen itself. Your lawn is a living organism and it needs fresh air just like we do!

3. Mowing

A spring mow helps to thicken your lawn by promoting new growth. It cuts off the dead layer leftover from the winter months and gives the new, green grass room to grow. Cutting your lawn also allows more sunlight to reach the ground, which heats up the soil and stimulates growth. 

4. Fertilizing

Fertilizing is a great way to give your lawn the tools it needs to grow stronger, thicker, and root more deeply. Overtime, soil loses its natural nutrients, so fertilizing is really important! By feeding your lawn in the spring and throughout the summer, it can flourish and have the strength to withstand whatever weather comes its way. 

5. Watering

Spring is an amazing time to take advantage of the natural precipitation. Rain and snowstorms are common and can really help you save on your water bill while making sure your lawn is getting properly watered. Plus, the water from rain and snow has a lower pH that is actually better for your plants than the city water. However, the weather is hardly predictable, so making sure your sprinkler system is started properly and any adjustments or repairs are done after the winter will help your grass green up faster than the neighbors!

If you have any questions regarding the services talked about in this article and would like to get on our schedule, give us a call at (406) 794-2724. We offer these services and more ( 

We value our customers and can’t wait to serve you!

Drake and Rebecca Schafer

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